Tuesday, May 10, 2005


it's all kinda up to god now, or nus.
highly amused, yet very very pissed off. oh yes, i am "highly emotional"
GAH. ask me for details, The Blog is suddenly full of risks. i can't afford to screw up/offend anybody, esp nurses/doctors/anybody who reads.

BUT, i'm tonnes better after running. hearing my feet pounding on the streets of erm chinese high/nyps is therapeutic in a highly aerobic way. almost died after that cos i foolishly sprinted far far away to somewhere near farrer road market and got a bit/plenty lost. so sorry sunny for bang seh-ing you, hon can attest to my/our foul mood which you wouldn't like to encounter. yay choupinette lunch in about 13 hours. no idea what they serve but the company's promising!

maybe one day i will stay in town, as in reside there. wonder how it feels like to stroll down to grab a bite at taka basement or browse through magazines at the library@orchard. okay my house is pretty isolated, even though it's not too far off from everything. luckily corduroy & finch and other places to eat are within 2 bus stops' walk. that's my limit by the way, i can't walk more than that for my food.

jo, hon, yun, sunny, ilai, serene, cai, daph, yoke, momiji babes, philip, michael and zhui. THANK YOU :)

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