Monday, May 23, 2005

may it be

yoke and yh just left my place. haha after 37 minutes of ju-on, we gave up pretending to be brave.

looks like no matter what i'm stuck here. i know many people will kill for a place here, so i'm going to treasure it and make the best of what i have, even though i'm dying to go to london. no worries, come holiday time i will splurge and travel like nobody's business. and for now i'm going to get all the things i want, to make me a feel slightly better about staying here for the next 5 years dying of over-studying. going there for a holiday is so different from studying there. wanna be a stranger and get lost in a crowd, meet totally new people, enjoy the 4 seasons and play frisbee in hyde park! fuck, i so wanna go london. but what to do? let's wait 5 years and hope to do postgrad there.

yesterday was pretty fun. started out wanting to go to ulu pandan to badminton, BUT i forgot my racquet, AND THEN ulu pandan cc was closed for vesak day. haha so philip and i decided to walk a bit more and climb over the oldrj gates only to find that the gates were open and just strolled in and landed up at the indoor gym. everything's changed and the school's sports section (ie spex gall, track, fitness corner and field) is really under utilised and really clean and unnatural. eeeyurgh. a few good things came of crashing oldrj. i got to play a LOT of badminton, lefthanded badminton, righthanded badminton, bad badminton. and i got to take home an rjc flag! i found it in the ulu store room while looking for nets/anything interesting. so exciting. don't know how i'm going to fit it in my room (green clashes with everyone i have)

then we had marche dinner with tabi and rad. sat and ate for 5 hours solid. wah. maybe we should've had seoul garden =p i don't like this point in life, where everyone's saying their goodbyes as if it's going to be forever. i'm highly affected by inertia and wish nothing would change, since i'm not going anywhere. so much for high-flying BLEARGH :( it's going to be the same old rjc/rgs, just in a different campus and with more good friends gone. so much for inertia too. aiya. sigh. just not that excited now. maybe i'll be better when term starts and all i'll be able to think about are body parts and systems. shite.

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