Sunday, May 22, 2005


today (or rather yesterday) was 412-goes-to-sentosa day! weather dint exactly agree with us. we're all lousy beach volleyballers. nevertheless funfunfun with the girls :) wish i were at kai's singing, and gossiping too i bet. highflyers =) too bad i dint get a photograph of what sya drew/wrote but it's okay we'll definitely last longer than mere words in the sand.

this incredible bout of sadness hit me at about 630 this evening. i just can't bring myself to speak up, or fight for what i want because i'm a coward, scared of upsetting my parents or anyone who's had expectations of me. maybe i've too many wants. okay nvm pangsai GAH. actually it's not the academic stuff, or the financial issues that worry me. i really want that experience that's priceless and once in a lifetime, and i want to be where my best friends are. argh. i am going to start a stayinsingapore campaign so i won't miss the people who leave =p

nvm to cheer me up here is a very short photodocumentary on what 412 (oh, and Ugly too. oh dear hon it's really v fun to tease him) did on 412-goes-to-sentosa day. we met very merrily at harbourfront, then went and played/sat in the sand, splashed ard in the lousy tasting sea water, and ate A LOT at sakae (maybe just me). must commend the manager for excellent service :) haha too many things to talk about. (somewhat) brave ns guys, leftover food, boysenberry ice cream, and cones, the lil grey bunny, how i'm Burnt Again. aiya just look at the photos.

try not to get strangers to help take photos. they tend to anyhow point and shoot. you know what, ARGH my head looks extremely small, and unlike any shot of my head i've ever seen.

off we go soaring through the skies ;) i'm so proud of us!!

cai! crys and serene

too much make up will make you UGLY. just kidding =p

crys, sunny, cai, serene and kai the fake tarbetian

after beaching/on our way to lunch. just look at those hungry faces.

guess where we ate (we got a private room!)

specially flown in from japan. we were specifically told NOT to kope the plane. hmpf who wants a plane that doesn't come with takuya kimura anyway ;)

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