Friday, May 20, 2005

some day i'll fly away

i think i told the whole world, or the whole world asked me, but just in case you don't dare to ask, or haven't heard, yes i got in.

don't think i sound too happy about it, but yeah somewhere deep deep inside i'm rejoicing. cos it solves a lot of problems. and i've been reminded many times in a span of 2 hours that it's a good thing!

however, many many things to worry about. like not seeing some of my best friends for the next few years. hit me real bad when i found out people like tabi and yunlei are going overseas, and won't be back for a really long time. i miss my friends!! :*(

it's weird how you can get so caught up in things - i'm almost convinced i should stay cos of the excited smses to congratulate me, or to ask if i really want to stay. i haven't submitted my acceptance yet, nor have i rejected uk GAH. help. ack. cai is the only one who knows precisely how i feel. thanks babe. hm the longer i take to blog, the mor ei realise i should be thankful. i truly am. thank You. and haha argh i AM happy about it now, so ignore the first bit of this post. thanks to everyone who's been encouraging and supportive. love all of you :) argh. what do you say to people who are inconsolable.

sentosa tomorrow!! :) sun sun come out and let us play!! whee~*

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