Thursday, May 19, 2005

waiting for friday.

star wars was fantastic, i'm not gonna spoil anything for anyone cos i hate it when ppl do that to me and cos i can't remember things and cos i fell asleep for a minute or two (argh please don't kill me i had lots and lots of driving in the morning) >.< how cool, can't get sick of the girls even if we see almost everyone every day in school, and quite often in orchard road/sentosa =p sixuan has red!! hair but we forgot to take any pictures (sheesh, i forgot to take one with mr pitt *sobs*)

random stuff: stomp's coming to singapore! but i have no idea when cos i just deleted the email. and cai! gah, forgot to bring you to look at youknowwhats!! ;D

dread. dread. dread. fate has it that i have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow morning, and afternoon, and evening, and night - ARGH - so that i may die from anxiety while waiting for one damn letter. regardless of the results, i'll still be sad. why do my dreams die out when my parents come and wake me up.

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