Sunday, May 15, 2005

rain on me, won't you

the middle of May Sucks.

not just the weather, which just Sucks cos i'm freezing in my room and i can't find the sweater i want!! *grrrumpy* i'm just seriously screwed up in May, make foolish decisions, step on people's toes, ruin perfectly fine relationships. and because as we all know, screw ups are followed by guesswhat, MORE screw ups. so a weather forecast : mood swings and grouching (and boy-bashing) in the next 2 months or so. GAH.

why is timing so important? if you miss a train, you miss the chance to meet your future potential husband, then you can forget about having a cosy family with him. within that one second where you decide you shouldn't rush to squeeze into the train because you're too lazy to move faster, your whole future is drastically changed and you're thrown onto an entirely new set of tracks and travel down a different route to a different destination. how cool would it be if we could meet our parallel universe selves. erps. i so need sleep but my lousy friend is late, as usual.

one day, boy, i will get sick of waiting forever for you.

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