Friday, May 13, 2005

spring in new york

"dear ryan,
we think your hair is very nice. well done (: the food is gd too. maybe we will come back again to see you.
love, the girls from table 3."

hahaha lunched with parents and jo at thai express, paragon, and ended up writing a note to the waiter there. he has Amazing hair - it defies gravity and without it we probably wouldn't notice him. after we wrote that note, we left the restaurant and watched as his fellow waitress put the note in his pocket *grins* not such an unlucky friday the 13th after all.

strange mood of highs, pensiveness and basically feeling full. [that's not a mood haha. but to me it's like one of the most common feelings.] sometimes it's inevitable, and sometimes it's just a phase. will time really heal all wounds or will it aggravate this awkwardness? i'll tell you after a few weeks, or more =p cross your fingers and pray everything will go the way we (maybe secretly) wish, or else, i honestly don't know. i need to do something about it la, that's for sure. but i can't bring myself to! i can write about it, talk about it but still can't find the impetus to pick up that phone, or open my mouth. to the right person, in any case. it's not a decision that has to be made, it's a commitment i have to follow through, because when people put their trust in you and start to share their lives with you, like it or not, you're commited to them. not making much sense. sunny, you wanna take back what you said about me being mature?

note: my blog is ambiguous! i take that as a compliment btw :D and also, takuya kimura pictures are at the bottom of the blog. HAHA.

a random thought brought on by nice email - i want to go to new york! (for holiday, not to study) it's not only cos of sex and the city that has convinced me that it's a great place to go to okay. i want to see my senior/s *hello! waves vigorously* and johnny depp ;) and kumweng (when he goes) and other friend/s who may be going! and i want to be in central park. i think i have an obsession with parks, frisbees and the four seasons, ask yoke about my frisbee fetish =p

tonight i got cheated by doc cheng's, at raffles hotel. we all thought it was a chinese restaurant, so i was mentally prepared for dim sum, and put on my expandable blouse summore! turns out it was this indian fusion restaurant - so no beef (boohoo) and it was more like western food. i only have this to say: i'm in love with foie gras, warm chocolate cake and creme brulee! :) what a fun mother's day celebration. haha my family is quite funny, we decided to save money/time by bringing my 2 grandmas and my mum out to dinner a week after mother's day. but i get to eat good food, so i don't care. so full, i want to fall into bed. and i will. goodnight.

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