Thursday, May 26, 2005

zai wu ding chang zhe ni de ge

there's something about rooftops.

couples whisper sweet nothings on top of buildings, they hug and kiss and divulge secrets into the night breeze that carries everything into oblivion. people go up there to think, or to cry or to pray. to escape from the rat race downstairs, to get away from the clutter in one's own mind. it's like a private room where no one can intrude upon your deepest thoughts. and perhaps it's this privacy of being on top of (majority of) the world, alone, or with a close friend, that brings out our true colours and lets us feel at ease. the space we have is between the floor and the sky - limitless. that brings with it a sense of magnanimity and allows us to be so openhanded. exclusive, yet all encompassing. hey, funky rooftops :)

the rooftop at the esplanade has certainly witnessed a lot of drama. lonely people sobbing, dreamers standing at the edge with the wind in their hair, all ready to fly, love confessions, aspirations being made, wishes yelled out into the black canopy of a night sky, relationships formed, or destroyed in the blink of an eye. wonder who's ever shouted "i love XXX" from the top of the roof, just because of the urge to do it. i've been up there, and strangely it's the things that failed to happen that are caught in the back of my mind. a kiss that never was, words left unsaid, a 'no' that came too late. forget walls, if rooftops could talk =p

one day. i will stand on my penthouse balcony and look into the horizon as the sun rises and stains the clouds purple and orange. i will turn my back on all that beauty and eat breakfast with someone i'm in love with. i will fly kites with my best friends, who happen to own the neighbouring penthouses (yeah, i will okay) i will, one day.

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