Friday, May 27, 2005

sticky dates ;)

hello hello one and all. there's a fantastic place to have dessert, but i'm not going to tell the whole world where it is, cos i wanna go there and not have to wait too long for a table =p

went to rj to pass suba my new boots - they'd better win with all the boots we keep lending them. no yearbook for j3s till we receive our "come collect your As cert" letter (remember the one we wrote to ourselves haha) and didn't meet any nice teachers to talk to. then it was off to town for shopping and dessert and dessert. bloodyhell madagascsar opens on friday. boooo! :( BUT it wasn't so disappointing, went shopping with the most gentlemanly guy i've ever gone shopping with (i've been shopping with maybe 2 or 3 guys in my entire life) who opened all the doors for me haha. it must be weird to hear someone praise you. or maybe not =p aiya boring shopping story. all i can conclude is that guys' shirts cost a hell lot of money, and nothing fits me GAH. hm so disjointed. i'm sleepy la.

oi. contrary to what you think, and thank goodness, my CD was NOT pirated, and the lyrics are all in english, and haha they're very cute... they also have a chinese version of the lyrics printed on a separate piece of paper! :D p.s. congrats, pleasepleaseplease pack me into your suitcase!

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