Saturday, May 28, 2005

l'antipasto :)

fantabulous dinner at l'antipasto near my house. 76 namly place, if anyone's interested. i will bring you there if you treat me =p

the ambience is just right, with nice music (no live band though) and the kinda paintings i like. and friendly waiters and cool seats. there's quite a variety of food with Generous helpings - parents ordered an appetizer meant for 2 and they added extra stuff cos they saw 5 of us. nice right! too bad their pizza oven's only coming in next week, i love oven baked stuff. oh oh the bread they give at the beginning is garlic buttered foccacia, which is heaven's delight! and the tiramisu (again, we thought it'd be a small slice but it's like 75% birthday cake size, probably cos they were being Generous) is just to die for. the pasta and other main courses were hearty and well done too, but in the end i was disappointed cos of their lack of canolli (sold out!! hmpf) i have got to find out how to spell/pronounce these things properly =p

okay anyway i told the chef i didn't quite like the veal cos it had capsicum and the sauce didn't really agree with my palette. he grabbed me by the arm and walked me to the bar. i thought he was gonna murder me but instead he gave us free nectar wine and a loaf of bread whee~*


i'm so full!! did i mention i had a lot of lunch, at a (rather) french restaurant called Toast at/outside taka. which was just very expensive, and finally got to eat my nutella cupcake! and if no one's noticed, i love toast, and i love chocolate. so happy! =))) bummed like mad, played a few arcade games and went to watch a bit of blacks fun touch. yay you girls rock! stomach is making a lot of noise cos of the mountain i swallowed, and also cos i'm bubbling with excitement - madagascar tomorrow!! yay finally :)

v belated photos. touch gathering!
this is tabi, looking strange while eating. but then again who doesnt.
i don't know why i have a photo of the marche cow and her
and that's yenghong in the yellow shirt. that's it for tonight. taa

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