Tuesday, May 31, 2005

conquering the slope

missing post!! no idea where my last entry disappeared to, or did it even show. madagascar was too short and not as fantastic as shrek/incredibles but i was happy anyway :) corinne may's cds are lovely. i tried to be nice and buy them for my brother, but i had to exchange them [for O, by damien rice. it's official, he's great, buy his cd] 2 minutes after i walked out of the store cos he bought them already >.<

vigorous driving today - a session2, 4 hours of bumming during which jo and i ate like pigs and napped like babies, then a session5. explored more of bt batok and teck whye and wow there's so many places i have yet to visit in our tiny island. surprisingly the instructor said i learnt quickly, which was definitely NOT what i got from last week's instructors when they scolded and yelled and had to keep emergency braking for me =p so happy so happy, i can u-turn and "overcome" the slopes! hilarious, the terms my instructors use.

no one can bitch about me (with valid reason) anymore!! :) i think i'm someone who just Has to be liked by (most) people and will die if i hear someone not liking me - i'm not as strong as other people, but one day i'll be able to say i don't give a damn - so of course now i'm glad there's no real reason for anyone to say horrible things about me anymore. i don't (and never did) break people up, i don't (and never did) make people cheat, i'm not a desperate scheming third party, thank you very much. feel so liberated and lighthearted and a bit empty cos there's no purpose anymore. and even if i wasn't forced to, it's kinda sad to have moved along. look where That's got me. you're right, nowhere. hmm so far this whole thing's been about me. i don't think there's even a shadow of any other half to talk about for quite some time :'(

long tuesday coming up. hospital hopping =/ lotsa travelling and if time permits, touch, finally :) night!

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