Wednesday, June 01, 2005

dead leg?!

lousy cap. causing me to have one straight line of pimples. so gross, a row of bad skin =/ AND something has been biting me, and i have a feeling it's got to do with the spex gal steps!! ARGHH. i feel like chewing off my limbs cos the itch is really bad, but there's absolutely nothing i can do about other body parts GAH.

no idea why i'm still awake after such a tiring day. barely though. juniors are using my house for team talk, like we did for our comp last yr. hope there'll be lana cake too! tonight was their last trg, and it brought back memories of the VERY last training for our batch (cos of bad weather we had quite a lot of last trainings, maybe that's why it took me so long to rmb the Final one). in a way, it wasn't that big a deal because it was the competition that mattered more at that point in time. and also cos it obviously wasn't the end of rjtouch. i cried (not noisily, whit says), not because it was the last training, but because i got kneed in my thigh and when rad/someone announced it was a 'dead leg' i thought my world was over cos my leg had died and i wouldn't get to play. haha yes, i was That stupid. hm, i still don't know what a dead leg is though =p wouldn't wanna go through another year of training with a different buncha babes.

no idea what compels me to keep taking cake photos =p zoom in!
zoom out - see yoke's and chubbs's notsoshort hair, and how someone ate my kinder bueno! who says we cant have our cake and eat it too :)

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