Saturday, June 18, 2005


my life seems to be revolving around seafood these days, in particular, Fish. there was fish&co last night, somewhere near the sea for saturday's socialnight. but the champion was today - to ruin a perfectly fine dinner, a stray fish bone landed me in the hospital a&e for 3+ hours, where thank goodness the nurses and doctors were kind and efficient enough to see me before the stroke of midnight and get me x-rayed and discharged by 130am. it's rather amusing, my parents and i started discussing who to invite for weddings- relatives, friends, and parents' friends, and that's only the bride's side. i think i'm going to start a fund, and if i'm hopelessly single i'll spend the money travelling round the world to visit old friends etc- this discussion lasted 15 minutes. gah do you know what they did!! the doctor gave me a numbing spray and stuck a cable down my nose and throat. gagging madness. if i know all the right terminology in 5 years, i will be laughing at myself, if i actually read this again.

you know how people have a big bag to carry to the hospital when they go into labour (or maybe you don't know. nvm). i think it's a good plan, i will certainly remember to do that, IF i get married etc. on my way back home from dinner, i was planning what to pack to carry to the hospital. essentially, you must have your ic, some form of entertainment and a source of warmth and comfort, i.e. phone, book, discman/ipod, and jacket/boyfriend/parents. oh, and money. i love my parents. for ferrying me all over singapore, for hanging around to tell me i was a brave girl (heehee), and for all their worrying. but i'd rather not have such an exciting night :)

hello whit: my maid cooks that omelette with brinjal dish too! goes well with teochew porridge :)

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