Monday, June 20, 2005

pretty useless

new phone is pretty but quite useless. which suits me just fine since i don't need much. having trouble getting used to it being so new - used to throw my old 6100 around like it was indestructable, and apparently it wasn't. explains why it spoilt. ahhh =p luckily the measly 10 messages in my inbox survived unscathed, though i didn't manage to save any of the images received in the past 2 years. playground cement heart, silly dogs, and darling friends :(

fish update: bone's disappeared and isn't bothering me, thanks to my good friend gravity (who also makes people short and body parts sag)

brother: hey lemme ask you something. who is lin yutang?
me: *brightly* singer!
brother: good answer. (he's an author. crap, so much for being smart.)

it's such a hot day, i want a lime and aloe vera drink!

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