Friday, June 24, 2005

cookie monster

on tuesday yoke daph kang and i ambitiously planned to bake cookies, a cake of some sort, as well as shepherd's pie. we ended up pretty much exhausting my supply of ketchup and chili, not cos we absolutely love ketchup and chili but cos we forgot to add something in the pie. the oversized cookies were weird - only my mum likes it. and we gave up on the cake cos of low morale and lack of clean utensils =p

monster cookies. arghhhhh! ;)
humongous. okay fine, they were all stuck together, that's why.
goodness knows why yoke's so extremely happy eating bad cookies
just look at the junk food surrounding the pie =p
guess who can hula hoop.

batman!! is fantastic. chubbs and daph are great company, and we got a pair of tickets all paid for by m1 :) it's always a bad sign when you end up sitting in a cafe after a day of shopping, with no shopping bags in sight.

jo's coming over to enjoy a cuppa (soup for her. tea, not coffee, for me)

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