Saturday, June 25, 2005

nougats at night

stuffing my face with handmade australian nougats. they're simply orgasmic argh, fatness. i miss my astar friends! are you back yet? my parents keep hosting dinners related to nusmed. so. that's it, i can't back out anymore. sigh it's like something in me has died.

places i MUST go next year.
1. london
2. greece
3. paris
4. thailand/hongkongdisneyland

go with me! originally i planned to go alone - mostly i wanna hang out with my london/oxford-bound friends, and enjoy my time off before, yet another year of weight/hair/sleep loss inducing stress and study - but concerned guys have made me see that going with a group of friends is definitely safer. oh and of course much more fun! i predict a dilemma. involving what kinda clothes to bring/wear on my trip. and very sadly, a definite shortage of funds owing to the fact that i am and will be unemployed and living off my parents, who may or may not let me go away for a long trip with idunnowhoyet =p

kinda excited (at least i'm trying to convince myself to psyche up) looking forward to a new school, new classmates, new canteen, new uniform, maybe even a new room. oh hmm a thought just struck me (ow. okay bad joke, whatever.) if i will be stressed and lose weight in the future, that means i can eat anything i like now :D

this is hardly philosophical, but it's been bugging me. does true love never run smooth, or is it supposed to be easy? *ponders* why is it that i have such weird emotions, uncontrollable and extreme. starting to sound like a nutcase huh. this is what happens when i can't sleep and have the urge to switch on itunes just to listen to moxy fruvous (never ever found their cd. any kind soul has it?)

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