Monday, June 06, 2005

i'm sorry =(

shitshitshit i just killed a moth :'( by accident. if i had known it was gonna make such a sickening crunching noise i wouldn't have tried to poke/move it (and in the process kill it, and erm leave one wing stuck in the hole between the window sill) yeah ungentle girls should never touch fragile foreign objects GAH.

i saw this shadowy thing behind my curtain so i thought, let's see if it's my eyes that are screwed up, and i prodded the shadow a little too violently. the noise was like dry leaves crumbling under your foot and i was totally stupefied. no correction i wasn't stupefied, i was Stupid. i tried to clean up the fragments of moth and ended up smearing body parts all over my window sill/curtain so i'm deciding to just look the other way and wait for a braver soul to save me.

i took a peek at it (covered it in the curtain... out of respect/fear) and it's in pieces and it's a little bit furry. *sobs* shit i can't believe i killed a moth =( it was so small and pretty!!! and now it's dead. sigh i'm a moth murderer =( see this is why i can never get a boyfriend. haha and also cos of the weirdparentsfactor. which will be explained shortly since i've nothing better to do and the moth has gotten me all freaked out.

so. hello and welcome to the strange world of emily, where she can never go out with friends who happen to be male because of weird stuff. GAH.
let's say X asks me to go somewhere. in an attempt to be a good communicative daughter, i told my parents. world war 3 breaks out and i'm bombarded by millions of questions, interrogated like a spy. and then they dropped the A bomb and said that he Has to Pick Me Up and get this, Stop To Say Hi to them before we can go on our merry way.
even after i explained very very very clearly that we're Just Friends, Really. so i just had the glorious task of explaining this to X who is probably damn amused and regretting ever asking. thus endeth the explanation of the weirdparentsfactor. okay too sleepy to care about the dead moth (sigh) byebye.

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