Wednesday, June 08, 2005

the unbought

what a Great singapore sale, i shopped, i saw and i did NOT buy anything!!

scouting for...
1. new handphone. i love my old 6100 but just when i was beginning to think it'd last forever, it starts acting up and rejecting my sim card. gah, even my phone rejects me *sobs* haha
2. new shoes for school. school's just an excuse, i just like to buy shoes :)
3. same thing for new (school) bag
4. skirts/dresses/pants that don't make my butt look non-existent. i've Gotta find something more presentable than school shorts/berms to wear out of the house. and, shite i look Horrible :( in any kind of jeans from levi's [oh! forgot to try the square cuts, but, what are the chances?]
5. something to wear at the beach that's Not a bikini. i'm shy haha =p
6. sunglasses. seeing as i'm stuck on this sunny island... eye protection!
7. (analogue) watch to count the minutes till Something Exciting happens.
8. pretty book ends
9. new stationery for my life as a student once again. gd luck to me :/:\:|
10. cool cds/vcds/dvds to listen to/watch in times of stress/boredom/jap-guy-deprived-ness. i say, i'm very far sighted aren't i? =))

wonder how i walked around orchard rd for 5 hours and didn't think of all those. what an air-headed entry but ah well, i'm a girl after all. and there's no therapy, from the VERY traumatic experience of doing nothing ;) like retail therapy :D sigh i am just absolutely dreading the day i have to go to the airport to say goodbye, sigh. help! i need to stop thinking of people leaving. i have separation issues :'(

okay okay. deep breath. will think about brad pitt in a suit eating peanut butter. ahhh :) hon gave me more insights on social night. this kind of enforced gentlemanliness is quite interesting *grin* bye

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