Friday, July 08, 2005


withdrawal symptoms - opened my eyes and wanted to say "dim ehhh"
sat on my bed shuffling my half-decent playing cards and resisting the urge to gather my family members for a late night game of bridge/shithead/daidee, or gossiping

at least i don't have to miss the people in singapore. yay lunch at o'brien's! thanks to kai's craving. spent my entire day literally doing absolutely nothing cos of the sick feeling in my guts. for the first time in forever, i had almost nothing for dinner =( don't worry i'll make up for it tomorrow =p

the ultimate test of any relationship is a trip overseas. getting lost on the road, getting lost in translation, getting lost in your own world. it either brings people together, or splits them apart, like the ends of two magnets. hm sorry i've run out of steam about this. maybe this trip has helped me to re-adjust to singapore time, finally!! goodnight.

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