Saturday, July 09, 2005

kiddos and random thoughts

blog surfed around and came across many young people's blogs, namely those in primary school. [man do i feel old] kids complaining about how immature boys are (haha i'd love to tell them that it won't change one bit even after ten years) how the school arranged for all the girls to collect special packages (urgh) and the mountains of homework they have that don't count for much.

sad to say that my days will probably evolve around the same few things as before. boys, hormones and studying. gah how unprogressive. no i'm not in a bad mood but it sure puts a damper on my holiday celebrations (which have been going on since maybe december)

isn't it so cool to do something, anything, just because you want to. no need for people to wave carrots in front of you, or to give you a shove from behind to get you going. it's all voluntary, and it's all good. i shall not be a bum! exercise here i come. goodbye to all the fats borne out of my greed and craving for dimsum, red meat and junk food. whee~*

sight is very important, we use it for driving! driving instructor is constantly reminding me to use my eyes - sheesh, if i don't use my eyes, then what!! - you guys better watch out when i start to drive. i'm very sad cos i can't take good photos of all the beautiful things i see in life. there's just something wrong with me, or maybe it's my camera, but i seriously don't think it's the camera's fault. at the peak that day i saw a pretty sight, but when i put my eye to the viewfinder, i couldn't fit the sunset into the camera. and then it was dark. sigh. therefore i can only take photographs of people, cos people are always beautiful, in one way or another. i could spend an entire day going through gettyimages's galleries, browsing at all the different ways people observe (other people).

i want a puppy. i want to love someone.
*okay. fussy. i want to fall in love with someone (preferably male) =p

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