Wednesday, July 13, 2005

you kick up the leaves and the magic is lost

diving straight into something with the lowest of expectations. with the hope of life surprising us when we least expect it. aw darn, now i feel kinda bad for being such a whiney pessimist =p

starting on a new adventure. as hon says, whoosh! :)

when i read back my old blogs, i find myself very childishly recounting the "adventure" i had for that day. and today i am sickened by the fact that being so easily amused has kept me going all these years; i hate setting such high standards when i know life sucks half the time. is being happy equivalent to being shallow? unable to look deeper at the problems of the world? gah. what is wrong with me!

yesterday i fell down. i really should do something about my clumsiness... is there any surgery to be done? i was trying to carry the arthritic jackie tan en gou down the stairs, cos he kept slipping on his way down and developed a phobia of the stairs. then lo and behold, *i* fell. the most handsome dog in the world lands on all fours, and guess what, trots off happily!! >.< leaving me bruised and lying there for a few minutes. gah. anyway thank goodness for anti-swelling/bruising medicine. i'm sore but it doesn't show, which isn't really my main concern but it's better than nothing. maybe i should buy more insurance haha.

off to camp. happy birthday. to you and you. whatever. argh mood swing :/

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