Friday, July 15, 2005

hi's and a goodbye

a short three days and two nights of medcamp was mostly about meeting new people, and getting used to the idea of spending 5 years with this buncha people. hopefully at the end of the road, a buncha strangers randomly thrown together will be turn out to be much more than that. many thanks to the ogls of Captain Planet (yes that's our og name. there were funnier ones eg stripperella and bananaman) toh han, daphne, marvin, jia wei, wee soon, mary and ker liang. for being so accommodating and enthusiastic and hilarious company during the late nights games =)

the amazing race was held at sentosa! i love sentosa, but they better hurry finish renovating stuff and not make people walk ten thousand hours to get to places GAH =p i will forever have fond memories of sauyee trying in vain to be discreet "ehhh making out making out!!! quick where's the camera" while i'm sure everyone else will remember me saying other more stupid things hahahaha. games and introductions were fine, and it though it took a while for everyone to warm up, to each other, and to get into the mood for silly games aimed to embarrass and make you squeamish haha. BUT i hate the parts where guys were forced to work with girls and some weird people were just totally creepy and ungentlemanly *scowl* of course, there were the most funky guys on the planet, like dirty dedrick and his hair clip - he doesn't have much hair, just imagine where the hair clip went. and friendly zhihan ;) needless to say, the girls in my og rock!

bbq last night was very unfulfilling, stomach wise *hungry look* i had a grand total of some beehoon, 1 chicken wing, 1 sausage, 1 sotong ball and 3 marshmallows, give or take a few bites. in other areas, andrew fang is the most obliging person so far haha. there was a very strange dare involving swimming trunks. mwahaha. and zhongyang is damn good at gossiping! because he just sits there and absorbs Everything =p

the most fun i had at camp was probably during Fright Night. it started in the evening, before sunset where everyone was just walking around the forest saying hi's and slowly getting to their destinations. i wish i took photos of myself being freaked out haha. think it's really quite fun to be scared out of my own skin once in a while (just think of the many let's-watch- ju-on attempts) luckily i had a cool group, and brave screaming buddies. thank goodness i had evangeline, siying and audrey. also thank you to our group leaders during fright night, natalie, and brave wen hui ;D who made me feel not so chicken after all.

i missed the food auction and practically ran to the airport to squeeze in a farewell hug. can't even begin to describe how sad i was (and happy too in a way la), because after 2 years plus of knowing the most fantastic individual in the universe, something had to come to an end. why must there be changes?! =( please be proud of me, i didn't cry until (a teeny bit) later! =p i've always known that the more you give, the more you touch others, the more they're likely to stay in your life and see you through thick and thin - it's so true: the greatest gift you'll ever get is just to love and be loved in return. dear tabi, from you i've learnt a million lessons, and i suck at goodbyes so... cya soon! cos i'm so going to london next year :)


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