Saturday, July 30, 2005

a good history

hello hello! the medfac musical is quite nice! met mojojojo, and some of my parents' friends there. twenty dollars seemed a bit steep for something we went at the last minute but it's quite worth it la. plus i had good company. the one thing i didn't like was the technical problems which delayed everything! we reached there at 720 thinking it'd start in 10 minutes. but instead, it started an hour later, and ended too late for decent public transport.

1. zhihan clapping at the wrong time/s
2. a couple dying of laughter when they overheard jiawei telling me i should buy wheaters, which was the book that one of the actors was holding up and flipping through
3. realising all the NKF snubs, subtly put into the lines, only while we were traipsing to the esplanade for supper. and getting semi-lost on our way to find the carpark.
4. sitting in a BMW and zooming (at a safe speed, i hope) from the esplanade, all the while probably semi-lost, to nus, to retrieve the smart jiawei's car. which he had decided to leave in nus because we smartly thought that driving on a friday night to raffles hotel would be too troublesome. so in the end, i got home only at 1+ gah. but quite nice to be out having fun without the help of alcohol, drugs, sex etc. haha
5. bullshitting (with) wenxian at 3am!

oh and i had a good campus tour today, much better than the to-the-co-op-and-back tour by han boon. haha i'm kidding. my bed is calling out to me. goodnight!

ps. an apology in advance: 412 babes, don't be angry with me. i'm so definitely going to be late for sentosa. will ty and get there by noon.

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