Tuesday, August 02, 2005

i can't think of a title.

it's the sensitive qns that i reply most confidently. initially.
then i think about it and get confused all over again. my conclusion is that it's too early to answer anything because feelings are so transient, fleeting and intangible, totally uncontrollable, and unidentifiable! to say the least. it's been that way since forever bleargh. i hope to wake up one day, and have a totally clear view of things and decide/act in a way that will be most happifying. haha forgeddit. i'm totally incomprehensible these days.

GAH. meeting new people, and becoming fast friends with them. surely this buzz, that makes me grin out of the blue and bounce around happily, won't last for another week. already i get bummed out by some. i am emily, the easily amused, but just as easily bored girl. what am i talking about, it's only been a few days/weeks? and i'm thinking so far into the future. if there's one thing i learnt, it's to NOT count on boys to be decisive, strong willed or patient. because they are just like girls. we are equally confused people fumbling around in the dark trying to find the light (haha a torch?) eh im rambling. and i wasn't even trying to talk about bgr, just friendship matters. gah bad english. whatever *grouch* i'm missing float tomorrow. wth. goodnight

ps yay i love all guys who think i'm damn (eg 1.6m) tall

addendum at 1259am.

i need to tell everyone that i love my counsellor jiawei! he deserves a big air freshener for his car, for all the times he ferried us all over singapore, and doing so safely and cheerfully yay! oh yay im in a better mood now. goodnight! and people in nus right now, jia you =)

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