Thursday, August 04, 2005

rain rain go away

i was made to check the dictionary for two words. forlorn; seeming lonely and unhappy. and lovelorn; sad because the person you love does not love you. i would like to think that i'm neither but somehow i know the meaning of the words through and through.

yesterday was a trying day what with the lousy weather (today it's even horribler. shoo clouds lemme wakeboard in peace) and guys as well as girls rejecting us left right and centre. even if i may be used to such failures, it's still pissing off i tell you. but then miraculously marvelous guys were so sweet and very willing to sacrifice their own activities to help us out. thank goodness for apologetic people, that kind offer from jane, and more obliging boys :)

sometimes you start out liking someone. what happens if you tell the whole world but then change your mind right after? >.<

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