Saturday, August 06, 2005

watch the clouds go by

thank goodness for people who drive and buy drinks :)

it's so early to be blogging, especially on a saturday. i'm unhappening >.< seriously i think i got up too early, and on the wrong side of the bed this morning. sorry to all who had to endure my grouchiness. nice (second) breakfast at darling ghim moh with MY OTAH!! (hello my otah buddy! where have you been?) and a rather daryl-ish moment of lying on the grass at the semi-D taking silly photos =p

nice nap after a surprisingly small lunch. just hit the sofa and slept like a log. all the while, LOST was showing, and my little brother being displaced from his usual seat, occupied the strip of carpet between the sofa and the coffee table. rag was an immense waste of time. the performance by us was great, but the waiting around for the results was NOT. of all days to be hot and sunny, it had to be the day when i'm not in sentosa, nor had any desire to be in the sweltering heat. nonetheless, the float and dancers looked good, and i'm proud to be part of float :)

did i mention that wee soon is so so so chio!! hahaha. too bad he ran off without taking a photo with me. photos of corns, cabbages, and various farm produce coming up.

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