Tuesday, August 30, 2005


help! i have ZERO attention span. my wonderful ogmates are taking it upon themselves to remind me to mug whenever they see me waste time but i may end up just wasting their effort. ack.

okay on to non-study related stuff. i played tennis! not the rjc/rgs kind where i just hit the ball twice and then spend an hour picking up balls, or where cars screech to a halt from the furry balls hailing down on orchard road. pooja wins the best attitude prize. and she's so pretty!! ;) xinquan and ian are the most encouraging tennis players around, with shouts of "almost!" and "good one!!" every few minutes even though i clearly Suck. my cap, oh sorry i mean, wenxian's cap was really effective! and i didn't get burnt. sadly, the same can't be said for iantankaizhi who smartly said that once you're burnt you can't burn again. haha! how wrong he was.

after showering and slowly deciding, ian and kaesian and hon and i landed ourselves in holland v. a brief struggle with my conscience and my stomach (isn't it obvious which one won) many sundaes and savoury fries later, we ended up at essential brews for wedges, demonic smiley fries (cf. hon's blog) and brownies. haha! i'm getting hungry. and sleepy! goodnight :)

arghhhh i forgot to tell my mum that school starts at 9 instead of 8 O_o

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