Sunday, August 28, 2005

singing in the rain!

d&d! was sooo much fun :)

bollywood and hollywood stars, big wigs, pimps and hookers, cowboys, superheroes, angels and demons and a whole myriad of weirdly dressed people. poses, flashes, big smiles all around. our yellow raincoats and blue/yellow umbrellas were so funky, thank you pooja and jiawei, and serene! i had a lot of fun exchanging costumes with whoever had exchangeable costumes. my favourite has got to be hanboon's wig and spongebob!! =p

supper with captain planet, and hon and her hamsters at glutton's square. i can't wait to get a car and squeeze all my friends inside and go on driving adventures =)) okay i'm bummed out! i must go swimming today :)



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