Tuesday, August 09, 2005

watch it with someone you love

fireworks with hon! was sadly just us watching the last 3 spurts of pyrotechnic through trees and heads, on the road, with the police shooing us on to the pavement. totally psyched up from the moment i sprinted out of the house at 720, then rushed to take a mrt to city hall by 8. then when we heard a boom from above, everyone just shouted and there was more running toward open air until we saw the night sky sparkle with fireworks and the residual glitter.

however, getting back to the train station. not so fantastic :/ irritated lulu and hot and sweaty us were totally bummed out by the time we got round (literally) to city link. but thank goodness for a rather good sense of direction, and infinite patience. whatever. happy birthday singapore!

a new one every week, or so it seems. arghh.

so many things i want to say. but hai nvm. another day perhaps. goodnight!
ooh happy birthday lil red crumpler! ;)

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