Wednesday, August 10, 2005

lost, for words

3 way conversation! haha there's always something funny or exciting to do when we're together. and i'm really going to miss it =/

took the pledge today. "I, a doctor in training, solemnly, freely, humbly and upon my honour pledge to...." it seems cheesy but personally, i'm quite touched by it :)

aiya sigh i'm running out of words to type. it's all in my head these days.

oh i know. haha just discovered i am impatient! after telling someone i'm quite patient with my mac, i got pissed off with msn crashing. so much for that. don't you just hate waiting around, for people to be available, for people to reply, for cars to move in traffic jams, for things to start. gah. i have more important things to do than to wait. except maybe probably perhaps one.

where's my takuya kimura ;D

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