Friday, August 12, 2005

smell ya later

why is it everytime someone mentions it, i get nervous, ashamed even? horrific display of dunnowhattosayordo-ness while sitting outside the medical library today. gah. it's not even a big deal, what's my problem!


today we had anatomy class. not as eventful as the stories i've heard, of people fainting, puking, or quitting medschool forever more, but still memorable. before we went for class prof raj showed us his homemade video on How To Get To The Anat Hall. "i know it looks dark and scary, but just walk straight down and you'll find it". initially, all i was nervous about was seeing several dead bodies soaking in a tank of formalin. so we donned our labcoats. and argh mine was the only one with long sleeves! and found our way to the totally nauseating room, braving the 'dark" corridors haha.

after being bombarded by many many terms i've forgotten by now, we took a look at a cadaver. she was an old woman and at first the smell didn't bother me, until i looked down and saw her eyelashes. okay i don't know how to explain why eyelashes creep me out. maybe it's because it wasn't dead-looking, not wet with formalin... eeeyurgh. anyway the 2nd cadaver reminded me of beef jerky/ba kwa, cos of the muscle fibres, and the smell =p it feels somewhat wrong to be poking a person's lungs while walking through a room, and pulling at another's nerves/veins/arteries haha but it helps that i'm struggling to understand my tutor, who calls me "yam-ily" and elbows "yellbows" and my anat group is quite nice =)

gosh, thank goodness i didn't have beef for dinner.

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