Wednesday, September 07, 2005

oh easy. check the kangkong first.

studied today! *beams* one entire chapter from mr guyton's big book of physio. that was after the hour long break, many minutes of procrastination, toilet visits and stoning. oh dear now i don't think i can remember where which ions flow etc. haha lecture was quite fun despite the lecturer's wife (no la his assistant) glaring at us and telling us to can it. hon is a big notes vandal!! and she can NOT draw mushrooms. keep your papers away from her =p

major laughing session while playing msn games with jiawei. can you believe i spent a good 5 minutes scrawling with my left hand! thank you and welcome to our world of childish (but oh so extremely fun) behaviour :) msn 7.0 is a rock! haha! i haven't had so much fun on msn since my rgs days. too bad i had to step on the power and kill the computer =/

haha! oh dinner was so fun/funny!! there was much driving in circles looking for a parking space, and then after much deliberation and price checking (kang kong!) 7 steaming glasses arrived on a tray. yauhong promptly treated us to *drumroll* WATER! O_o i've never in my life seen anyone order $1.40 worth of plain water until tonight.

i want more than a cup of water! godiva chocolate cake. hmmmmm. so incoherent. goodnight =)

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