Thursday, September 08, 2005

knock 'em off their feet

i have an irrepressible urge to wear a cap Now. because i want to yell,


throw the cap on the floor, and stomp all over it *rawr*

haha no wonder weesoon keeps saying i'm dramatic.

gah... i wasn't really upset till i got into the cab. and realised that i should have run that horrible person down. i'm probably fated to be driven around all the time. but despite the shit, i love all the people who took turns to call me. after i complained a hell lot. (ALL the people sitting at bbdc heard me blast daryl's eardrums over the phone) and i'm so glad i wore jeans. haha that's the bright side of things :)

addendum at 2345
ice cream and a good talk with certain ogls [no scandals okay!!]
i'm happy again!

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