Saturday, September 10, 2005

of accents and strange nicknames

how happy is the blameless vestal's lot! a world forgetting, by the world forgot.

does forgetting mean it's over? it's more important to get over it, than to simply forget. learning from it will make you more considerate, at the very least. and sadly it'll make you more cautious and wary and insecure. gosh.
as i was telling jo, one chapter is Finally closed and i think we both did some kinda celebratory dance in our heads. i hope i don't meet Her tonight.

*oh hm. just heard this story and it's somewhat related to what i'm talking about. 2 monks were walking to the temple and they saw a damsel in distress, because she wanted to cross the river but couldn't because she's not strong enough. so the older of the 2 monks carried her on his shoulders across the river. then they carried on with their journey. upon reaching the temple, the younger monk asked the older monk, "we're not supposed to touch the flesh of women, so why did you still carry that woman across the river?" the older monk replied, "i've stopped carrying her on my shoulders thirty minutes ago, are you still carrying her in your mind?"

constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating.

don't know what it is that makes us talk so much about life and the shit it throws us, and why this can't happen with other friends. i'm so glad i have at least one person who can communicate with me, in the form of laughing (AT ME) or just whining together. 14 days till jo leaves. i was royally pissed off when i realised that she'd only come back in JULY and not MAY!! but till then, more 2hour conversations, and i'm quite sure it'll be in the early hours of the morning for at least one of us =p

off to study for a bit. House at 1! what's with the medical shows these days. sheesh.

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