Wednesday, September 14, 2005

but i love you jo, that's for sure =)

today nikhil was so aghast that i told pooja i loved* her. it depends on how seriously you take the word LOVE. and if you're anything like me - i think it's better to say it than not, lest you don't get a 2nd chance. but then sometimes i wish i had never started saying it, cos by the time there's someone really special to say it to, the magic may be lost - maybe you should think twice about proclaiming your love to the whole entire world. because i don't think the rest of the world is used to being loved so much.

but then again, there are many different kinds of love (as someone surprisingly wise said) if you bother to compartmentalise and categorise your feelings. and there are many reasons to love someone, maybe too many, maybe too little, and if you're confused so am i.

*it's utterly useless trying to distinguish between loving and being in love, because there may not even be a difference, even after rationalising it till you're blue in the face.

confiding's hard work. gossiping's interesting.
and printing notes is VERY tiring.

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