Thursday, September 15, 2005

stay happy and hungry

do i have the right to believe something, without having to explain it, or myself, to myself, or anyone else? am i worthy of believing it? maybe it's more than just personal, which is the way i've always seen it. the act of acknowledging it, defending it, and sharing it with others is probably also something to consider. i feel so lost and inadequate!! sucks.

three separate thoughts.
1. so bored now, typing partly to relieve the nothing-ness. bleah.
2. this is the part that Sucks. i'm so stupid to have said that the uncertainty was thrilling.
3. this is new. i don't care if this is thinking too much, but i don't want it. i think. let's see la. i think my mcq scoring ability is reflective of my decision making skills - atrocious -i choose the right one, then change my mind and make obvious stupid choices. sucks.
numbering my thoughts... haha!! omg i feel like eating swedish meatballs NOW!!

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