Tuesday, September 27, 2005


a shifting series or succession of things seen or imagined, as in a dream. isn't life the same.

today i moved my damn imac out to my dad's room and there was a huge clearing and my table, a lighter shade of speckled brown, was suddenly visible. so began the big cleaning out of just ONE corner of my room. i uncovered practically a year's supply of chewing gum, the carcasses of insects *shudders* and many surprising trinkets and artifacts.

as usual, i couldn't resist going through little scribbled notes, and chanced upon one i forgot to read! anyway, argh sorry for being the most unappreciative, non-reciprocative person/friend ever. i'm very sure there were better ways to handle things. i swear i'll... go do something about it!

argh come tomorrow morning, i'll have to put myself together and travel across singapore back to dreary school, and urgh bane-of-my-life pbl. be safe dears. there will be no everybody-leaves-i'm-so-sad entry; i'm so proud :) that everyone's off chasing their dreams. or life.

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