Wednesday, October 26, 2005


chao fan! i want to hear more bad chinese! =p

the central library is quite cool, a change of scenery, literally. for one day at least instead of the wooden separations between the anti-social-mugger-cubicles, there are many storeys of wide open studying space. haha i realise you only need ONE chair and ONE table, so there's not much advantage! =p

well, isn't there Nothing to be confused about?

rachel yamagata, bic runga, silje nergaard. bean it's all your fault... oh i wanna be in love!

i know it's late now i know i
ought to go
ride in your car now
but please don't drop me home
hy head's so heavy
this be all a dream
promise me
maybes and say things
you don't mean
rain fall from concrete colored skies
no boy don't speak now
you just drive
take me through make me feel alive

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