Sunday, October 30, 2005

escape with me to a place daydreams come true

i walked into a glass wall and laughed myself silly for a full 5 minutes.
do you think it'll be like that when/if it happens?
won't see it coming till it's too late...
making a fool of myself, and still being completely happy about it? :)

someone who goes silly with me, instead of dismissing/deriding the childish streak in me, cos if not we'd grow old too quickly. and then die. someone to excite me (haha!! think what you will of this word) even when there's no thrilling chasing left to do. someone to walk with me, someone to call me baby, someone with a nice hug, and all other nice qualities :)

oh what can it mean,
to a daydream believer

someone to grow old with ...

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