Monday, October 31, 2005


quick tell everyone, it's the first time in history that there's been a HAPPY MONDAY!! hahaha yes if you couldn't tell by my hyperactivity during lectures, that i was positively bursting with happiness, couldn't stop grinning, laughing, bouncing around nus. i am truly HAPPY!! =)

sometimes, it doesn't even have to happen to you. good things are good things either way. you, my friend/s, deserve it! spread the joy! ilu! :D haha think about it, i think i'd be FLYING if it happened to me!! whooosh :D

hello to all, i'll be blogging less about serious stuff if i can help it; it's faster to type than to write these days but for the sake of discretion, speed can be compromised =p keep tagging. don't worry, it's not a sad thing. this week is a HAPPY WEEK! i command the whole world to smile! :)

status of europe trip : materialising!!
feeling : HAPPY!!
flying : solo, as usual

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