Wednesday, October 05, 2005

we should all be limbless.

urgh i'm studying for an anatomy test on upper and lower limbs, which as it turns out, is going to be just True/False.

let's all hail the inventor of msn. and let's kill the people who made mac so incompatible with it! it's so fun testing your chinese handwriting skills and arguing over trivial things, you can't help but spend half the time laughing out loud at the computer screen :D

it's left me shocked and quite bewildered. you can publish a well established fact in a book, and let everyone read about it, convince them well enough to have them pass it on to their children. then one day some brilliant scientist comes along and totally refutes it, destroying your entire perspective of the world, what would you do? life is unfair; why did the one thing (one of the few anyway) i believed in, turn out to be a farce. crap la.

do explanations help? it won't change the past, we all know that.
i'm past the guilt, now on to the burying-the-hatchet stage.

so everyone's gone. i didn't say goodbye to 90% of them, and even if i could see them now, there wouldn't be anything of value to say. i wonder whether everyone will come back and remember who i am. i wonder if i will know who i am.

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