Thursday, November 17, 2005


today's pdp was happy!
first pdp on tuesday was interesting, but depressing. so i'll talk about happy things.

first we got to try out our interviewing skills. and for me, my chinese speaking ability (or rather lack of). it's okay, everyone's gotta start somewhere! and we're all here to learn. haha. secondly it was really quite touching to see how patients open up to doctors (and medical students) and even encouraged us to be good doctors :) yay the allegedly grumpy old man didn't shout at us, and even happily answered my horrible-chinese-qns. haha!! thirdly, we learnt that everything we learnt during those really expensive lectures can be applied and integrated. yay! oh, last point is that i'm pleased that i got a really nice pdp tutor!

aiyo sounds like a primary school compo on The Merits of School =p


don't like how some things are said (not even insinuated, just Said Out Loud), and how tactless and hurtful some people can be. even though they give didactics about basic thoughtfulness and consideration. gah don't go shooting your mouth off. once, i can pretend i never heard it. twice, i can laugh it off and tell you to shut up. thrice and i'm not gonna stand for it anymore. bah useless. waste of time. bothersome. it's your loss if you can't stop offending people, isn't it.


more of a sense of resignation than motivation. help! need to study. need to feel the want to study first. enough of sitting in the library with a book open and words flying over my head. there's possibly a book-brain-barrier somewhere between my eyes/ears and my brain cells. gah. enough venting. this has been good. study time =p and remember boys and girls, if you have nothing good to say, please don't say anything at all hahaha. i don't sound like me today. why!

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