Saturday, November 19, 2005

tis (almost) the season to watch movies

me: argh hon i'm so happy, i like him sooo much!!
hon: oh.
hon (after a while): wait. what! WHOWHO!!

got really high after anat pract on friday.
the girls trying in vain to squeeze into the passportphototaking machine. a shopping trip. at nus lt27 co-op. rouan and i going ballistic gushing about primary school biscuits. drooling over synder's honey mustard pretzels. hee. even though bintan's cancelled for now, i'm looking forward to hanging out with 3stan. damn lucky to have found an amazing anat group :)

very importantly, i'm feeling loved! many exclamation marks! whoosh!!
and more importantly, i love!! it's a damn wonderful world :D

meanwhile, in no order of preference
1. oliver twist
2. harry potter
3. exorcism of emily rose
4. chicken little
5. narnia
6. elizabethtown
7. just like heaven
8. zorro
9. the family stone (deceptively named. it's a christmas show. someone please please please take me to watch it!)

arghhh. i'm so going to have a back-to-back movie marathon one day! time to fulfill secondary school wishes. haha!! and yay eagerly waiting for stupidCAs to end so i can go visit rj and buy pe shorts for apparentlygoodatcooking persons :)

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