Sunday, November 20, 2005

hi telly, i'm tubby

spent the whole day watching a few of my favourite shows

mad about you.
cried myself silly because i happened to catch the last 2 episodes of the final season. awww. i'm tempted to say it's my favouritest favourite show. there's a genuine love between the actors that makes the show so heart warming. after CAs, i'll start my search for the whole series dvds.

gilmore girls.
in a typically girly fashion, the show revolving around smart conversations, kissing boys, tears, and food, appeals to me. not to mention, pretty girls and sometimes cute boys. though the drama gets irritating sometimes, it's still a great piece of sunday evening entertainment.

okay the loose spacebar is really hindering my typing. leprosy-laptop, meet too-tired-thumbs. oh just a thought, do you press the space bar with your thumb or index finger?

aiyoh. i like raj la!! don't you think it was one of the most fantastic practs we've had in ages. i like my tagboard being flooded by the very happening 3stan. yay love you guys. (no heyheys okay!!) and jo! where are you!

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