Tuesday, November 22, 2005

red black and white, and you're gone

more important than the CAs, more significant than harry potter timings that got me in a fluster. i am a little upset.


2005's ending, and i haven't spent much time with the people who've seen me go through the shittiest times, in sec school, in jc. there are not many who are still friends with me. but there's always kumweng. the boy so sweet he left dog food outside my gate because he remembered my collies after his spca thing. so funky we had such a nice time with/at jay chou's concert. so helpful he came over on to design/paint big posters, just because he could. so talented i wanted to sell him to disney or something when i saw his work many years ago. so out of touch i think i can count the number of times we've met up on ONE hand. but still, a kind soul, and a true friend. yay i'm glad you're my friend. i'm sad you're going. but i'm not stupid, so i'm going to make sure we hang out before it's too late!!

i can't wait for the CAs to be over. too many people i need to catch up with. much love to all those i haven't seen in ages. jo, yun, sunny, ilai, jennie quah, rjtouch!!, kumweng, phildi, yick, matchstickhead, gn, zhui.

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