Sunday, November 27, 2005

someone stress me!!

first off, awww to rou an and her spectacular driving test.

next, i hate my eyes! they are too small. if they were bigger, maybe i'd be able to read faster (see more words at one shot) -.-

lastly, good luck to all for CAs. i sure need it. maybe i'll get to sit opposite moses/baorong and maybe their brain power will somehow diffuse to me *cross fingers and toes* lol.

that was so un-emily-ish! since when did i say "lol". it reminds me of itkz. haha!! who also says "stopstudying" yes i will, goodnight then :) yay to 3stanis. doesn't it feel a bit gay. but i like having such a loveable anat group. i'm impossibly out of point today haha

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