Thursday, December 01, 2005

i recognise that side profile

everything came rushing back.
just like the first time i realised i could blush.

but this time, more manageable, more willing to put it away. and quicker.
how my face returns to its normal shade of yellow in a matter of seconds.
no more spending nights, and days, moping. thank you, goodnight.


anyhow, greetings from nusmed library *waves*

i think i've got a hangover, from over-sleeping.

last night was devoted mainly to sleeping and taking grocery orders =p

"prime" was not a fantastic movie. and i walked away empty-handed. but the post-CAs high, and being in good company made all the difference :) oooh 1st of december!! yay it's the holidays! time to have fun, love more (there's always time for that haha!) and ideally catch up with unread notes. plus do anti-climax holiday homework =/ cheers

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