Friday, December 02, 2005

just words

these are just words. they can cajole, console, inspire, hurt and malign. so why say them, why don't we just use actions to prove our points? because we're not telepathic, hmpf =p

there have been many things said about the things we leave unsaid. who knows the proper decorum... is it really better to, if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all? or is it always better to say what's on your mind, even if it's the most brutal of truths?

argh. how about those times you wanted to get your point across, but without putting ideas into other people's heads. if you tell them, it loses its effect, and rather than it being a spontaneous sweet thought of theirs, it's a manipulative measure on your part. but if you don't say a word, waiting might prove too much for anyone to bear. so get your priorities straightened out and rationalise till the cows come home. and try not to regret all you've done cos it's way too late, too ineffective, and too ridiculous for any remorse or guilt.

then there are unspoken rules. if you're not familiar, or astute enough, or even confident enough to make light of them, they tend to take you by surprise, with all their stealth and insidious-ness (so3i word-of-the-month haha!) they leave you doubting every thing you see or hear, reading between the lines when there may be none to read between.

you're left puzzling over the silence that bridges the gaps between conversations. well-meaning silences, or an expectant void, waiting to be filled. and then you'll find yourself exhausted with finding words to say. when in fact you need not say anything at all. now it's His turn to talk.

i wonder if the words that sooth

lead us to paradise
or if the nature of the truth
would permit only lies

these are just words, so why is it that we still like to hear them...

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