Saturday, December 03, 2005

captain planet goes to pulau ubin

hello! it's such a happy day today :)

for starters i managed to wake up in time to catch my og at pulau ubin for a cycling trip around the beautiful, albeit slightly drizzly, island. waiting at city hall for the hall guys (siva the oversleeper is to be blamed) then the long train ride to tanah merah, and the even longer bus ride to the jetty where dedrick, fish and lightbulb joel were waiting patiently for us.

my og is pro at haggling with people!! zhihan's negotiation skills are marvellous - we managed to rent bicycles for ultra cheap rates, $3.50 for half a day. yay. then off we went, following joel the pulau ubiner around, through muddy lanes and then some more. i like the wind in my face, the strange clicking sound my cranky bike made whenever i pedalled, and the fact that it was drizzling for the first half an hour or so, but oh so lightly that i forgot all about it. such a cool day :)

first stop was when dedrick decided to explore the "german girl shrine" haha!! there was nothing much to see. and i'm smiling right now cos the "german girl shrine" sign was hilarious! then we carried on and found ourselves at a dead end, at the-great-fence-of-pulau-ubin, but not before emilytheclumsy had to get stuck in this unavoidably humongous body of water. my bike and my shoes were totally engulfed in mud and water... gross! thank goodness for people willing to turn back and help translocate emily+bike. haha but not before getting it all down on film. thanks ar!! =p

then we cycled more and landed up at a gorgeous quarry, but not before we got stuck in *drumroll* MORE mud. i almost died of shock when i looked down and saw a dead fish eye staring back at me (no photo of that unfortunately! more on it later) and scrambled over the fence to reach the cliff. almost bumped siva off the edge mwahaha! and saw a huge turtle! okay that's not exciting but it was so cute! after a photo taking session we crawled back and this time zhihan figured out that it wasn't a dead fish but actually a flattened metal can hahaha. but at least fish agreed that it DID look like a fish haha =p
lastly we got to the beach where we had a chopchop photo opportunity and then had to painfully make our way back to the bicycle shop cos kenrick's bike's gears completely died. much huffing and puffing, tissue provided by joel the ever so prepared boy, and manpower by all the guys except dedrick who stood around diverting mosquitoes from the mechanics. in the end, nothing worked and kenrick could only ride on down slopes hahaha...

so after feeding a million mosquitoes, getting cuts and bruises on every possible limb (cumulatively), wasting $2.50 on Extremely Uncomfortable slippers (so feet won't rot in soaked shoes) and taking many embarrassing photographs, captain planet made it back to the mainland to have delicious nasi lemak at changi village. yay what a satisfying day :) oh and for some strange reason i'm sun burnt! even though it was overcast most of the time! why!

then, i just had a very high-inducing conversation with daryl! :) daryl daryl i feel like baking!

the only sad part was when i lost my orange sentosa cap! jiawei i think i left it at the bus stop =( too bad i won't be visiting sentosa anytime soon. but still, happy day! :)

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