Monday, December 05, 2005

invasion of tans

when bean tried to say hey emily, it came out as hamily! =p new name to add my ever growing collection of nick names... daryl daryl, i shall do your quiz tmr because i absolutely must blog about today!

today's FRS meeting was so high-inducing, with a/p shek being tremendously nice and treating us to KFC and pizza!! *gloats* 3stan was as usual full of fun and laughter :)

on the way to the ice cream place, i swear chenliwei wanted to murder all of us in his car. sorry! but good job on keeping your cool! haha, along with the offend-many-people-today-bean, i am full of apologies too =( after venezia ice cream, 3stan invaded my house and we had tonnes of fun looking through the yearbooks, laughing at the pictures on my walls and listening to really old cds (mmmbop!)

photos!hee so cute right!! acting cool but failing atrociously, all except backsideboy chenliwei =) happyfying, heyheying! i love 3stanis!

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